Students Loans?

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Would you apply for a loan first or registar for classes first?

Students Loans?

Well, you wouldn't get a student loan unless you know you will be taking classes, do you need to register for classes first. Then you'll find out how much you need to cover for tuition.

After you've registered for classes, then you fill out the FAFSA. You can do that here:

When you are approved for financial aid, then you can choose a student loan.

The best student loan to pick is a Federal Perkins Loan. These are government loans that have low interest rates, and the government will help you pay the interest as long as you remain in school. Find out more here:…

The next best loan is a Subsidized Stafford Loan, which the government also helps you pay back. Read more here:…

Or, your parents can get a Federal Plus Loan:

Good luck!

Your financial aid application should always be submitted as early as possible. Many aid offices have a priority date where, if you get your application in by the date, you'll be considered for certain types of aid. These dates are usually well before you are allowed to register for classes. Don't worry about not knowing what your exact enrollment status will be…the aid office can always adjust depending on what you end up doing.

I think you need to enroll first to enable the borrower understand the purpose of the loans. I think it's common sense. Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It's about student loans articles for your second opinion. Good luck

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In most schools, you can't register for classes until after you've paid your tuition, whether by loan or other means.

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